What Happens in Vegas

Prelude: Concord MacArthur
Dropping acid is probably not the first thing you should do.

Concord MacArthur was stolen away to Arcadia while he was on a study-abroad semester in Britain. When he got back, it was three months later and he showed up in his parents’ living room, where they were dropping acid. So, he joined them. Probably not the best idea for a Lost fresh from the thorns, but Concord didn’t realize how different the experience would be after living through things that most mortals have never dreamed of. It suffices to say that the experience left his sanity a little worse for the wear.

A few days ago Concord met his first fellow Lost, an air force officer and member in good standing of the Summer Court by the name of Mike Florez. They were hiking the same section of Red Rock Canyon and along the way and over the next few days Mike explained a few things to Concord about Changeling life and the courts in Las Vegas. He then invited Concord to the next gathering, a party between the changing of the seasons, on the first of August.


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