Concord MacArthur

Skinny Lit-Student Born to Hippie Parents


It happened just like in T H White’s book! While studying abroad in Europe and examining the grounds that inspired Tantegal Castle in The Once and Future King, Concord happened upon a small boy looking for his dog. He thought he saw it peeking out of the woods and called for it as one would, yelling, “here, boy” and whistling and so forth. Unfortunately, Concord did not specify what dog and that is how they got him.

He would have found it funny had he not been held prisoner against his will.

Eventually, Concord found himself wandering about, unsure of how he made his escape. Something was after him, but what, he did not know. To throw off his persuers, Concord leapt into a lake and began to swim to the other side. Upon exitng the lake, he found a sword in his hand and saw a door opening a few yards in front of him from a tree.

Upon opening the door, Concord found himself standing in the basement of his parents’ home. His parents were there, about to drop acid, as per their Sunday night routine and was invited to join. Why the hell not, he thought, he had been through enough weird, maybe some LSD would help him understand what he just experienced.

Oh how wrong he was.

Concord MacArthur

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