Emo Chewbacca


Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Farwalker
Court: Winter
Entitlements: None


Edward Lydecker doesn’t talk much, most of what you hear about him is told by his unlikely girlfriend, Paige. They are as different as two halves of a couple can be.

He was taken by an Other who calls himself Il Ammaliatore. Ed was stuck out in the forest surrounding Il Ammaliatore’s palace, presumably set to guard angainst any trespassers. One day, a girl showed up and he remembered the desert that had been his home before. He pulled her along the Hedge until they came to a door which opened to reveal the Mojave Desert and the research station at which Ed had been working. They’ve been back for a few years and have managed to establish new identities for themselves. Ed works as a security guard at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and Paige is a freelance journalist.


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