Aspirant Perish

Member of the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer
Court: Summer
Entitlements: Aspirant, Sacred Band of the Golden Standard


Perish always believed in fairies. So, when he heard stories as a child of the entrance to a secret forest hidden in an alley in his neighborhood, he knew they were true. The fact that it was said to be guarded by a troll did not sway him. He was determined to get into that forest one way or another. He asked and he listened and he investigated and he figured out that to enter the secret forest, you had to turn around three times at the entrance while saying, “Twist me and turn me and show me the elf, I looked in the water and saw myself.” So, he entered the Hedge of his own will and was not a bit surprised when he met a witchy old woman who praised his ability to enter the Hedge and said she would take him to a place where he could meet many fairies. Overjoyed at his success and the opportunity to meet beings which until then he had only believed in, he did not perceive her ulterior motive. He did indeed meet other Fae, but it was not in the manner which he believed. The Other who had taken him had a traveling show which went from court to court, always returning to a sort of camp where the performers practiced and rested.

After one such performance, the Fae for whom it had been done had arranged some… personal time with the lad. It was not the first time and Perish had reached his breaking point. Killing that lecherous Other was his first taste of Glory, word of which spread through his assistance of the other Lost taken by that Keeper to find their respective ways home. He tried to free those in the traveling show, but was captured again by the witch. After several thwarted attempts to end her, help came from an unlikely quarter. She was poisoned and those under her fist were freed.

After returning from his second Durance, Perish was approached by the Sacred Band of the Golden Standard and accepted membership. He has since closed the entrance to the Hedge that he trespassed through as a child adding another accomplishment to his growing list.

Perish’s Mien

Aspirant Perish

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