Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Muse
Court: Spring
Entitlements: None


Paige was in the audience when Anthony performed is most amazing act yet. And witnessed him killing his fetch after only being gone for about half an hour. She showed up at the backstage door, explaining to Anthony that there are others like him and leaving him with her number.

She had been studying Creative Writing at Sydney University and was seduced at a poetry slam by a gorgeous Italian-looking man. He said that her poetry was inspirational and that she was the most promising talent he’d seen in a long time. Unfortunately for Paige, this meant that he wanted her to serve as his personal poet in his court in Arcadia. Every word that she wrote was magically tattooed onto her skin in dark brown ink. Without the inspiration of her former life, Paige’s talent lost steam and Il Ammaliatore, as he was called, lost interest in her. He moved on to another unfortunate soul and Paige was left to her own devices.

Wandering the grounds, she met up with Ed, who was set to patrol the outlying area around the palace of Il Ammaliatore. She was the only person he had seen since arriving in Arcadia and she reminded him of his human life. He pulled her along the Hedge until they came to a door which opened to reveal the Mojave Desert and the research station at which Ed had been working. They’ve been back for a few years and have managed to establish new identities for themselves. Ed works as a security guard at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and Paige is a freelance journalist.

Her mask is a waifish girl with dark hair and green eyes. In her mien, her skin is pale as parchment and what you can see of it is covered with lines of poetry in a scrawling cursive script.


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