Reginald Makepiece

King of the Onyx Court


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Chatelaine
Court: Winter
Entitlements: None


Reggie was born to serve and why he took the position of Winter Court King is anyone’s guess. He was the only one to step up after the previous Queen disappeared and organized a search involving the cooperation of all of the Courts. It was cut short by the attack of the True Fae, so he just remained as Winter Court leader.

Reggie was born in Hampstead, England and went to butler school at The International Butler Academy in Holland. After he completed his training, he was placed in the service of the Crowley family in Las Vegas. He managed the household superbly and never asked about some of the more questionable contents of the library or pantry. He doesn’t talk much about his time in Arcadia except that it seemed interminable. When he returned, 20 years had passed and the child that he had watched turn into a young man had grown-up children of his own. Funny thing was, Stephen Crowley didn’t ask any questions. He just welcomed Reggie back and gave him a position as head butler. All the other staff had moved on in one way or another, so the Crowley’s were the only ones to recognize him and they didn’t ask him about what had happened. Reggie is happy to have somewhat of a normal life back, though he remains confused by Stephen’s reaction to his return.

Reginald's Mien
Reginald’s Mien

Reginald Makepiece

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