Queen of the Ashen Court


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Leechfinger
Court: Autumn
Entitlements: None


Most of what people say about Sandy is that her time in Arcadia was “really fucked up” and that’s all most people know about it. She probably assassinated the previous Autumn King, but no one really wants to confront her with it. Sandy is frightening, powerful, and seems to have an odd fixation on shoelaces. She never wears shoes with laces. If she sees someone’s shoe is untied, she will stand there staring them down until they tie it.

To mortal eyes, she looks like a middle-aged woman of mixed heritage. Her tightly curled hair puffs out from her head and her mocha complexion shows a few wrinkles. Her arms and legs are toned, but not built. In her mien, she is frightening. Most of her skin is black and she has sharp green teeth, her arms look like snakes, and her orange-outlined eyes glow blue.

Sandy's Mien
Sandy’s Mien


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