Mona (aka D)

Queen of the Crimson Court


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None


She came back from Arcadia with Bloody Mary in 1980 and they had been together since, until Mary was killed by The Thing. When Mary became Queen in 2001 after the aging King stepped down, Mona naturally became her knight. They fought well beside each other and were fearless and inspirational leaders for the Court of Wrath. When a True Fae threatened the freehold, they were the ones to initiate battle, which befits the leaders of The Iron Spear. The hideous Other was ruthless in battle, he didn’t care whether his attacks would destroy his own forces. The soldiers of Las Vegas were at a disadvantage, but they had better-honed warriors and more sophisticated strategy. After months of fighting, The Thing was finally defeated. His army was destroyed and he retreated through the Hedge. When Mary fell in battle, Mona took up the position of leader as a matter of course. She had been second in command, now she is the Queen.

To those who see the Mask, she looks like a small, strong, dark-haired woman with a steely gaze. Her loosely curly hair is usually held behind her head in a folded ponytail. She tends to wear earthy colors in the olive drab/khaki range. In her fae mien, her hair straightens and fades to a mixture of blonde and bright red. Her irises glow red. Small red-black horns jut from her forehead and shoulders. She is covered only on her breasts and loins by hard scales; the rest of her is a reddish tan with flame-like markings. Three red jewels are placed on the front of her body at her stomach, chest, and throat.

Those who have seen Mona fight, either in sparring battles or against an enemy, notice that she takes no time in putting down her opponent. Every move is designed to decommission her foe as soon as she strikes.

Mona's Mien Mien

Mona (aka D)

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