Betty LaBelle

Queen of the Emerald Court


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Spring
Entitlements: None


Betty LaBelle ascended to the seat of The Antler Crown in 1976 after the previous ruler disappeared into the Hedge and has not been seen since. Betty has been a fixture in the Las Vegas freehold since shortly after she arrived in 1931, along with the first casino. She thouroughly enjoys life like any of the Court of Desire would, but when representing her station she can seem a bit distant. Her eyes frequently seem to stare at nothing, even when speaking with someone. Most nights she can be found at The Beauty Bar, a combination performance bar and nail salon near the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont St.

To mortals, she appears as a cold, Caucasian beauty. Her blonde hair covers her shoulders in large spiral curls and her hazel gaze appears distant, as though her mind is always somewhere else. Her perfect figure seems almost otherworldly, unnatural. In her true mien, her golden locks cascade over her shoulders. She looks as though she was sculpted by very precise, careful hands and she seems to glow white from within. She smells like fresh rain and those in her presence can faintly hear the chirping of robins and feel a warm breeze. She wears a cape fashioned from white roses and when the Spring Crown appears, it is tall and appears to be made of entwined Queen Anne’s Lace.

Betty LaBelle Mien, minus crown (as it is currently Summer)

Betty LaBelle

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